How long to cook frozen fish sticks in air fryer?

Any new kitchen machine that is gaining popularity typically brings in a lot of new questions too. Questions that are more commonly asked are related to cooking food. Isn’t it a convenience now a days that you can eat healthy, tasty and fresh in one go? Best advantage among all is that your food is prepared quickly, which gives us not only enough time for other chores but also leverages time for more productive things. Air Fryers is absolutely one of the best thing to have in your kitchen appliances. It just makes your life much easier and also adds a great taste to it. You can use your air fryer for various purposes from cooking to reheating. It’s a very multipurpose machine and also available in various brands such Ninja, Instant Pot, Power XL, Cosori, Nuwave and Gourmia. Relating to its multipurpose nature probably you would have a question in mind that how about cooking the frozen fish stick in air fryer. How long it should be cooked and in what particular way it should be done etc.

Fish sticks is an easy but also a healthy thing to eat. Almost everybody likes it because it can be eaten in multiple ways. For example in sandwich or just with the dip sauce depending on how you want to eat it. So it is important that it is cooked in a well-mannered way.

Making frozen fish sticks in an air fryer is in no comparison with making it in regular oven or microwave. Air fryer makes it’s from frozen stick to really crispy outside and flaky inside. The texture it gives to fish sticks is very tangy and appealing. All this happens with minimum or no use of oil.

Fish sticks

Fish sticks are made from various types of fishes but the most common ones that are available are Salmon, Cod, Pollock and Haddock. The frozen fish sticks that you buy from the market are already precooked to some level but it always depend on which brand of frozen fish you’re buying. This is important to know as then further you can determine that how long to cook it in an air fryer. The procedure I am writing below is relevant to frozen fish sticks that are slightly precooked.

Guideline: How long to cook frozen fish sticks in air fryer

First Step: Preheat your air fryer up to 400 degrees.

Second Step: Once the preheating is done then carefully place the frozen fish sticks inside the basket of the air fryer and make sure the fish sticks are placed in one layer. Do not over crowd or place too many fish sticks in the air fryer, as it would disturb the flow of hot air in the compartment of the air fryer and slow down the cooking process.

Third Step: Cook you frozen fish sticks for 10 minutes in total approximately. Remember that can vary up to 1 or 2 minutes depending on fish sticks or temperature setting of the air fryer. It is better to make a check in between for the best results. Once it is placed well and starts cooking make sure that you flip them halfway until cooked well.

Fourth Step: Once your fish sticks are cooked then take them out and serve them hot and crispy with your favorite dip sauce.

Fish sticks 1

Some other Tips related to Cooking Fish Sticks in Air Fryer

You can also keep your leftover of fish sticks in an air tight box in the fridge for few days. If you want to reheat them then the procedure is same but reduce the time of heating to 5 minutes and make sure that you check in between so that they don’t get too much brown. Same method can applied for reheating other items such as chicken wings or pizza.

In case if you’re thinking to prepare your fish sticks at home by yourself then that’s also a good idea. The way to cook them would be the same but you may have to spray some oil on it which is not necessary in the case of frozen fish sticks because they already have it in them due to the process of their preparation.

You can also use aluminum foil in the air fryer to cook but keep in mind to not block the holes in the basket of air fryer completely which ensures the circulation of hot air and cooks your fish sticks evenly. Though people find it convenient to use aluminum foil because of easy clean up after wards but personally I didn’t find cooking frozen fish stick in air fryer messy at all. The main reason is that air fryers are also designed in a way that they can be easily cleaned after cooking.