The 7 Best Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker Reviews 2021

Air fryer pressure cooker is the cooking device of the new generation. It is equipped with various functions to ease the process of making your favorite and delicious meals.

As you know, It seems difficult to devote hours to the kitchen if you are on a tight schedule. There are tons of kitchen appliances that may help in a way but if you are looking for a fast and dependable partner, the Tendercrisp pressure cooker is the answer as it does everything you may ask for.Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker Reviews

The main benefit over other cooking devices is that it uses air instead of oil. It has a well-designed body and system to circulate the hot air all over the food inside. It generates the heat with a heating unit and a fan spread it all around the food.

There are so many manufacturers of air fryer pressure cooker combos, but after Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker reviews I believe Ninja makes the best one so far. It comes with great durability and versatility. It cooks the food much faster than other cooking methods. And as it is an air fryer, it cooks food without oil which lessens the extra calories and makes the food healthier.

Best Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker Reviews and Buying Guide

You can control and examine all the activity through a digital display. The Ninja Foodi devices are easy to use and you can make your desired and delicious recipe in just 10 to 15 minutes hassle-free.

Ninja Foodi is a series of best pressure cookers combined with air fryers produced by Ninja. To assist you choose the best appliance, we have crafted the list of best ninja foodi tendercrisp pressure cooker and reviews. The article will shed light on products’ specifications, pros, cons and how they are appreciated worldwide.

Ninja foodi tendercrisp pressure cooker combines functionalities of an air fryer with that of a pressure cooker. Pressure cooker cooks the food super-fast while the air fryer gives it a crispy outer layer and enhances the taste of your meals. Let’s see complete Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker Reviews and see what the products hold in store for us.

1. Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart, 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker

Ninja FD401 is the best when it comes to versatility. It offers 9 preset functions which include Pressure Cook, Air Fry, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Bake/Roast, Broil, and Dehydrate. It also includes a deluxe reversible rack which increases the cooking capacity and let you cook meals from all dimensions.

The control panel of this device is very easy to understand. It comes with a digital display which shows its working status and makes its use convenient.

The capacity of this cooking pot is large enough and can hold up to 8 quarts of food. The cook and crisp basket with ceramic coating can cook 7 lbs of chicken and 4 lbs of fries. It is also equipped with tender-crisp technology which makes the cooking process faster and powerful and can cook frozen meals with waiting to defrost.

Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Air Fryer


The total weight of this tender-crisp pressure cooker is 26 pounds. It reduces the cooking time and keeps the meal warm without burning at a constant temperature. The cleaning process is convenient as all the detachable accessories are dishwasher friendly.

This cooking gadget may be a little expensive but it has managed to get 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It also has the Amazon’s Choice tag for electric pressure cookers. So if you are willing to spend a little extra money, go for this multi-functional cooker to take your cooking experience to another level.

  • PTFE/PFOA free non-stick inside basket
  • Multifunctional device with nine cooking features
  • Easy to use and manage with the help of digital display
  • Deluxe reversible rack with layers to increase the capacity and ceramic coated pot
  • Tendercrisp technology enables to cook frozen food with no extra time
  • A healthier meal without oil by using air frying feature
  • Heavy and bulky design


2. Ninja Foodi OP101 7-in-1 Pressure, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 features the most advanced functions, a compact and well-designed body. The digital display to examine and control the cooking process is placed on the front side of the gadget. The round-shaped air fryer comes with 7 functions including pressure cook, air fry, the air crisp, steam, bake, roast, slow cook, yogurt, and sauté. All of these settings are controlled simply by the push of related buttons.

The tender-crisp technology enables it to work quickly and cook the food up to 70 percent faster than other traditional cooking methods. It also cooks the frozen food in the same amount of time with pressure cooking.

By highlighting this feature, one of the users said, “I have used a LOT of air fryers now and this was the best result I have gotten in any of them”. This device has two lids, the crisping lid, and the pressure cooking lid. Crisping lid is for dehydrating and air frying while pressure cooker lid helps in pressure and slow cooking.

Ninja Foodi OP101 7-in-1 Pressure, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer


All the trays and pots fit in the dishwasher nicely so cleaning is as smooth as butter. It also comes with the 15 recipe book to help you get a professional level of experience. Safety features like timer and pressure release valve make it easy to use without any risk.

As it is an air fryer, it uses hot air to cook which helps to make healthier meals without extra calories. The hot air moves around all the food inside the pot and provides your meal with a crispy finish.

It comes with the cooking capacity of 5 quarts which makes it easy to cook large batches of delicious meals. The inner pot is nonstick and ceramic coated. The cleaning process of the device is also very easy. It takes three to four minutes to wash-up the whole unit. It also comes with 14 safety features. These safety features confirm the claims of the product by the company and make it more reliable to use.

  • Automatically stays warm for 12 hours to provide convenience for later use of meal
  • Easy to manage with round compact and durable design
  • Designed with tender-crisp technology
  • Versatile and 7-in1 appliance
  • Easy and safe to wash the unit in no time
  • PTFE/PFOA free material
  • Little expensive than other devices
  • Bulky design


3. Ninja OS101 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

Ninja OS101 does more than what a typical dedicated air fryer does. Most of the best air fryer cookers come with the swappable lids and additional rack but this multi-cooker also comes with a couple of additions features and handy accessories.

The additions are a nesting broil rack and a cook and crisp plate. The nesting rack steams, broils, and enhances the cooking capacity of the pressure cooker air fryer combo by adding an additional layer of capacity. The cook and crisp plate help for the best air crisping results by placing it inside the cooking pot.

Ninja OS101 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

It comes with an air fry and a pressure cooking lid. The inner cooking pot is ceramic coated and easily removable. The versatility of this gadget is also a big hit. It is equipped with 9 different functions which include pressure cook, slow cook, steam, make yogurt, sear, air fry crisp, bake/roast, broil, and keep warm.

The capacity of the cooking pot is 5 quarts and can hold up to five lbs of chicken. It cooks healthier food with seventy-five percent fewer fats than other cooking methods. The tender-crisp technology allows cooking faster with more power.

The food does not get cold after cooking as it keeps your meal warm using its handy keep-warm feature. All the process can be examined by the digital display placed on the front side of the cooker. The settings are intuitive and easy to understand. A trendy appliance for hip people.

  • All in one appliance
  • Easy to use and manage
  • 14 safety features to increase the quality
  • Healthier food in less time
  • Digital display to control and examine all the working easily
  • Additional broil rack and cook and crisp plate
  • Little noisy when air frying


4. Ninja OS301 Foodi 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

This stainless steel pressure cooker air fryer combo is another versatile and reliable kitchen appliance by Ninja. It features ten functions and does everything you want from a multi-purpose cooking appliance. The functions include pressure cook, slow cook, steam, yogurt, sear, air fry crisp, bake/roast, broil, dehydrate, and keep foods warm inside the pot.

It also comes with a nesting broil rack and a cook and crisp plate. The plate and inner pot are ceramic coated and very easy to clean due to the non-stick coated material.

The Ninja OS301 holds a total capacity of 6.5 quarts. It can cook five lbs chicken or roast the six lbs meal with that capacity. The crisp plate also comes with a greater capacity of 4.6 quarts. The digital control panel is on the front side of the round-shaped pressure cooker.

The digital setting allows studying its working and use of the device with great convenience. The compact base design raises its durability and makes it sits well on any kitchen counter complimenting the kitchen theme.

Ninja OS301 Foodi 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer


The power of 1460 watts ensures you the capability of this device. The total weight of this device is 27.6 pounds which makes it bit heavy so we recommend not moving it around more often. It can cook the food seventy percent faster than normal cooking by using TenderCrisp technology.

No matter if you cook frozen food, it will give you a delicious meal in no time and every time. It gives a great crispy finish to your meal that is the core of an air fryer.

It gets the Amazon’s Choice tag for Ninja Foodi 6.5 quarts. An excited user said about air fryer function, “I made my air fryer chicken recipe and did not even need to flip the chicken and it came out perfect. Nice crispy skin”.  It produces a meal with seventy-five percent fewer fats than standard deep frying. Why not start living healthier right now?

  • Easy to use and clean
  • 14 safety features for safe cooking
  • More food capacity for the whole family
  • Work faster and cook healthier meals
  • All in one device for cooking
  • Digital display enables to control the device with the convenience
  • Heavy and bulky design


5. Ninja Foodi OP401 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi OP401 is the newer model with additional features for additional comfort. The major and prominent feature of this Ninja Foodi pressure cooker air fryer is its capacity. It comes with a cooking capacity of 8 quarts and can feed the whole family at once.

It can cook 7 lbs of food in the 5-quarts ceramic coated basket. The other outstanding feature is the dehydrator. It gently removes the moisture from your meal and helps you with homemade snacks.

The size of this device also varies from its previous model. It is a little wider but shorter in height. Multi-pots and trays are great for cooking a variety of meals. You don’t need to swap different cooking ingredients if you have this versatile and multifunctional appliance. A 45 inspirational recipes guide is also included to get you the best experience.

Ninja Foodi OP401 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer


It is a beautifully designed and simple to operate cooking machine. A digital display helps to control the settings with simple push buttons. It comes with great versatility and allows you to cook with different cooking styles. The functions are Pressure Cook, Yogurt, Air Crisp, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Bake/Roast, Broil, and Dehydrate function.

The high power of 1700 watts cooks the food efficiently in less time. The cleaning is convent and smooth as butter thanks to non-stick coated inner pot.

Other elements of this device are a crisping lid, a pressure lid, and a reversible rack. There is a pressure releasing valve on the pressure lid. Like other models on Ninja Foodi series, it comes with 14 safety functions. The safety functions are taken through various rigorous testing to ensure the claims of the company.

The total weight of the unit is 26 pounds which may be heavy for a pressure cooker, considering it is a multifunctional appliance, it is justified. Cooking has never been so fun, thanks to Ninja Foodi for giving us such dependable and practical pressure and air cooker.

  • Large cooking capacity enables a large quantity of food
  • LED display makes the device beautiful and easy to control with simple settings
  • Cooks faster and healthier meals
  • Cook and crisp basket increases the capacity of the basket
  • Five stovetop temperature settings
  • Automatically keeps the meal warm for about 12 hours
  • The weight is quite heavy to manage


6. Ninja OP302 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure cookers

Ninja Foodi OP302 is another pressure cooker combined with the functionalities of an air fryer. It also has a dehydrating function which gently absorbs the moisture and makes delicious homemade snacks. When it comes to the capacity, it has 6.5 quarts inner pot to make a bigger meal.

The cook and crisp basket inside the pot has a 4 quarts capacity which can cook up to 5 pounds of chicken or 3 pounds of fries. Both the pot and basket are ceramic coated and non-stick that also enables the cleaning very easy. It is recommended not to wash this pressure cooker housing in the dishwasher, instead use a non-abrasive sponge or cleaning tool.

Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Air Fryer


It wins the 4.7 ratings out of 5 with 85 percent five stars on Amazon and also ranks in the 28th place of electric pressure cookers. The size of the unit is ideal. It is slightly short in length but a wider base area and easy to fit in the kitchen. It weighs 24.9 pounds.

The Ninja OP302 also includes a crisping lid, a pressure lid, and a reversible rack which describe its versatility. It can cook faster than other traditional cooking methods.

Talking about its control panel, there is a digital display on the front side of the body. All the settings can be controlled and operated with great convenience.

You just have to put few buttons and you are all set. There is a separate section for TenderCrisp functions. 14 safety functions like child lock and temperature timer make it reliable and help the claims of the company.

  • PTFE/PFOA free and non-stick inner pot and basket
  • The digital control panel makes it easy to use
  • Versatile product with low budget
  • Comes with 45 recipes guide book
  • Quite easy to clean and maintain
  • Tender-crisp technology for best air crisp finish and broiling
  • It is a quite heavy and bulky device
  • Gives out an unpleasant smell after washing (as reported by a user)


7. Ninja Instant PC101, 1000-Watt Pressure Cooker

Ninja instant PC101 comes in an attractive and unique design. Unlike other models in Ninja Foodi series, it has a detachable lid. The major gain of this instant pressure cooker is that it has quite a very low weight as compared to the other Ninja Foodi pressure cooker mentioned above. It weighs only about 16 pounds.

The inner non-stick pot comes with a capacity of 6 quarts. It also includes the steam rack. Both the rack and pot are ceramic coated and dishwasher friendly. The non-stick ceramic coating makes the cleaning easier.

This product is also versatile and comes with five cooking functions. The functions include pressure cook with high and low mode settings, slow cook, steam, and sear/sauté. The Ninja instant pressure cooker gives you five temperature settings for sear/sauté.

Ninja Instant PC101, 1000-Watt Pressure Cooker


All the settings of functions and temperature are easily controlled by the digital control panel. The pressure cooking lid is also equipped with pressure releasing valve.

Another major reason for choosing this instant pressure cooker is its rapid cooking mechanism, convenience and ease of use. It cooks up to seventy percent faster than standard cooking methods. You just need to put the ingredients together inside and then wait for the magical result.

The size and design of this cooker are also incredible. The separable lid and compact design of the base make it very easy to manage anywhere. It has also 11 built-in safety features which make the appliance dependable and reliable.

PC101 gets 4.7 stars out of 5 by the customers on Amazon. The most liked function by the users was its working speed. It works quite faster.

  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • An extra silicone ring on the pressure lid
  • The price is very low and comes with enough quality
  • The versatility of 5 functions and different temperature settings
  • Easy to control by the digital control panel
  • The power cable is short
  • No cooking guidance with it


Ninja Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

There is a wide variety and range of Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker air fryer combo available in the market but let’s just not rush to grab any of those. Now that we have reviewed all the member of Ninja Foodi Series, here we have jotted down few important factors and key points that one should consider before making a final buying decision.

Size of appliance

First and foremost, how big of an appliance do you need to feed your family? Do you often host your friends at family at dinner? Are you a big family or a small one? Ninja foodi series has every size and capacity. If you are a family of 5-6 people, the Ninja FD401 in our Ninja Foodi reviews list comes with the great capacity of 8 quarts which eliminates the need of batch cooking. It lets you prepare large batches of delicious meals at one go. There is also OS101 that comes with 5 quarts capacity and medium size so if you are a small family of 3-4, this is your appliance.


If you change apartments frequently a heavy and bulky kitchen appliance might not be suitable for you. Most of the members of ninja foodi listed here are about 24-27 pounds and need a dedicated spot at the kitchen counter. On the contrary, if you move around often, a lightweight cooking device shall be perfect partner.

Ninja Instant pressure cooker is the most lightweight device on our list. It weighs only about 16 pounds but comes with enough features. However, weight should not be a big issue because you can just place them at their best position once for all.

Features and settings

The appliance under discussion is a combination of pressure cooker and air fryers. They are equipped with tons of features and functionality. In case you are a pro and use all those feature often, go for any of the appliance listed in the article. However, we suggest not spending your hard earned money on something that you hardly use once a week. Make sure you need the features that are present in the appliance.

On the other hand, if you like to experiment with new recipes and you are a cooking-freak, throw some extra bucks and get the best pressure cooker air fryer with the most features.

Cooking settings

The selection of cooking settings all depends upon what you like to eat. Choose the appliance that can prepare all of your desired meals. It can be air crisping, pressure cooking sear/sauté steaming, and dehydrating. Cookers with tender-crisp technology offer the best air frying, roasting, and broiling.

The OP401 comes with a great ability to dehydrate while the Ninja instant pressure cooker is equipped with 5 temperature settings for sear/sauté.

Price and budget

The price range of the above tender-crisp appliances is from 150$ to 250$. If you want a cooker at a normal rate, Ninja Tendercrisp OP301 is available at about 150$ but does all for your cooking needs. Take your budget into consideration and make a perfect balance between the features you need and the price you can pay for it. If you have budget issues, you may check our guide for Best small air fryers.

Cleaning and washing

The accessories are easily detachable. It is easy to clean the separate accessories of an appliance instead of a whole unit at a time. The accessories of most of the Ninja Foodi are non-stick ceramic coated. It makes the cleaning process very easy. They are also dishwasher safe. It is also recommended not to rub the inner pots and other baskets for cleaning because it can damage their coating. Some of the products may be dishwasher safe but are recommended to hand wash with hot soapy water for durability.

You can use Ninja Foodi pressure cookers every day, but don’t forget to clean after every use because neglecting the cleaning makes your gadget create an unpleasant smell.

Here are some tips for cleaning and washing:

  • If you use oil for cooking, don’t wait to wash after you are done because it can be more difficult to clean if oil gets stuck to the surface.
  • Use warm, soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth. If food gets stuck on corners or anywhere, soak the basket or pot in the hot water with dish detergents to loosen it.
  • Check the inside heating element for grease and debris and clean it with a damp cloth dipped in warm soapy water.
  • Use the damp cloth or sponge for the exterior body if is not dirty enough.
  • Clean and wash all the elements separately. If it gives out a smell even after cleaning, soak that particular accessory in the hot water for up to an hour.
  • To protect non-stick coatings, never use steel wools to clean your Ninja Foodi

Convenience of use

The quality and other features are important factors to consider before buying any kitchen appliance, but you should take equal consideration to the convenience of use. Modern Ninja Tendercrisp Pressure cookers come with digital control penal and various safety features to make the product more convenient and reliable. A cooking timer, digital pressure, temperature settings, and pressure release valve enable safe cooking and undo any danger.

Included Accessories

Don’t forget to check the added accessories that come with any appliance you are going to purchase. These added accessories are handy and let you use the appliance straight out of the box. Most Ninja Pressure cookers and air fryers come with crisp plate, inner pan, and reversible racks. Always go for the product with most available accessories to ease the cooking process.


Whether you go with an expensive or a budget choice, don’t forget to check the warranty provided by the company. It should be at least one year. You can also check the reliability of a product from the users’ ratings and reviews on Amazon.

Advantages of air frying and pressure cooking

The hallmark feature of these products is they reduce cooking time with consuming less amount of energy as compared to traditional cooking methods. It also produces healthy and fresh meals with no or less oil. Pressure cooking can save plenty of time. It cooks up to 70 percent faster than the traditional cooking method. Air frying is way better than oil frying. It produces food with 70 to 80 percent less calories. The hot air moves around all the food and provides your meal with a crispy finish without oil.


Is ninja foodi worth buying?

It is absolutely a worth buying product. Although it does not come cheaper but its versatile features and consistent performance justifies the hefty price tag very well. It is all in one appliance that meets all of your cooking needs. The tender-crisp technology is a huge addition to these Ninja Foodi products.

What the best air fryer pressure cooker combo?

Ninja tender-crisp FD401 is the best air fryer pressure cooker combo hands down. It comes with all you need. The capacity of 8 quarts is great to feed a whole large family. The control panel is also easier than other Ninja multi cookers. The versatility to cook every type of meal makes it an everyday cooking appliance.

What is the best ninja cooker to buy?

Although all the Ninja Foodi products are excellent but Ninja Foodi FD401 is by far the best ninja cooker to buy. It is a 9-in 1 appliance. Although it is a little expensive, yet it is worth it. Its price is justified by the innovative features it has to offer and above all its unparallel performance. It has amazing features and benefits that can provide you with delicious meals at home without putting in much effort. The digital display offers you more ease of use and has divided sections for each function to use.


Every product in our Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker Reviews is equipped with great features and handy functions. No matter the size and capacity, the quality they come with, is a big reason to choose one of them. You just have to put the ingredients together in the pot and then set the desired cooking function from the control panel, you get the delicious and healthier meal after waiting just a couple of minutes.

After reading our neutral Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker Reviews, you must have got the idea of what NINJA FOODI is all about, and what features every product has to offers. You can choose the best one easily by taking the consideration your requirements and preferences.

If you are still confused, then our recommended device will be the Ninja FD401 pressure cooker. It is at the top of our list. It is a versatile, practical appliance with 9 cooking functions. It may look complicated but you don’t need to worry about settings. The control panel is super friendly with well arranged buttons that are clearly labeled.  Let us know what’s your favorite NINJA product and why? We would love to have your feedback!

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